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Storm and Waste Water Services

Lift stations are complex systems consisting of high flow wastewater, electrical components, pumps, floats, valves and other piping. TBS not only is able to perform the required monthly inspection and semi-annual cleaning required by your county or city, but also is able to quickly respond to emergencies 24/7, and offer full rehabilitation to your lift station if need be. 

Lift Station Installation and rehabilitation is part of our complete service capabilities. TBS can fully rehab existing lift stations that need to be brought up to code or install new ones, either stand-a-lone or as part of site development.

Commercial businesses and facilities require optimal storm water and wastewater removal for their buildings. At  TBS, we provide underground utility services for commercial buildings to ensure the proper flow and removal of storm water and wastewater.

Our experienced service team will perform lift station service requests with dedication and experience so your building's wastewater and storm water pumping systems run efficiently. We will work with your specific operational needs, building architecture and local building and zoning regulations so your underground waste water and storm water pumping systems meet necessary requirements. Email us your pump lift station plans for new or retrofit  installation at


Contact TBS when you need multi-residential or commercial pump and lift station services. We help commercial businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day and seven days a week with their installation, repair and emergency issues.


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Learn More About Your Wastewater Lift Station Equipment

 TBS offers lift station package systems as well as individual components, Electrical systems, Waste Pumps and more!

Tips for Maintaining Your Wastewater Pumping Station

Do's and Don'ts


 What You Shouldn't Do   

It's important to remember that everything you flush down your toilets and drains will end up in your sewage wastewater pumping station. Although lift stations are designed and built to handle foul water, sewage, natural human waste and biodegradable products - chiefly toilet paper, they are not designed to handle many other things residents tend to flush away.
Fat and grease build-up in sewage pumping stations are a major reason for  TBS service teams to be called out by residents of faulty pumping stations. We regularly see the fats and oils flushed down kitchen sinks build up in the sewage pumping stations storage chamber, where it encases float switches, creates blockages and can even lead to pumps being unable to run.
All over Houston we find the common cause of lift station failure is foreign objects being flushed down toilets that sewage pumping stations just aren't designed to handle, these can include rags and clothes, nappies, sanitary towels and even nappies. Although there are many products about today are marketed as biodegradable and safe to flush down toilets such as fibrous wipes, they often fail to break down in water and as such we don't recommend using them in any wastewater lift station.

Things You Need To Do 

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to the smooth and trouble-free operation of a sewage & wastewater lift station. In all of Houston area we offer a range of sewage lift station servicing and maintenance plans that will keep your packaged lift station grease-free, clean, block-free and in good running order.
Although servicing isn't free, however the cost of properly maintaining a sewage pumping station is paid back by not having to emergency call companies out when their overlooked and ill maintained lift station breaks down. Stations that are maintained also will give you more mileage spreading out the cost of the systems over more years. A typical inspection will include many items in the list below depending on your system and the requirements needed for a smooth operating lift station for both wastewater and storm water that will bring you peace of mind and savings. 

Typical Services and Inspection Points 

  • Control Panel Troubleshooting
  • Inspection of Guide Rails
  • Valves & Piping Inspection
  • Lift Pump Inspection & Cleaning
  • Float Switch Inspection
  • Lift station cleaning and pumping
  • Alarm box installation and service
  • Maintenance contracts available to keep you in compliance with county and municipality regulations
  • Pump rebuild, repair and replacement
  • Lift station maintenance checklist to keep you up and running
  • Lift station diagnostics and service
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable technicians
  • Pump installation and service
  • Check of control panel for proper operation
  • Inspection of floats and plumbing in lift station for possible problems before they happen
  • 24/7 emergency response 
  • Residential, commercial and industrial

Regular servicing of pump stations and pumping equipment will provide the extend life expectancy of your pumping station, hydraulically efficiency and will reducing ruining costs, reduce the number of unnecessary call outs. For further information in the Houston, TX area please contact TBS at (832) 473-7222.


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Lift Station Repair / Rehab System / Drain and Pipe Cleanin

We Do Repairs To Get You Operational Quick!

TBS begins each Houston area lift station repair, rehab or retrofit package by gathering information about your waste or storm water pump station system to determine what aspects or components are going to be replaced or retained. From there, a plan is designed to supply the correct hardware and to integrate the new equipment with the existing elements. A repair, rehab or retrofit design provides a complete scope of the work to be done and a detailed list of the new and existing components.  Typical Repair/Retrofit Applications:


  • Municipal Storm & Wastewater Lift Stations
  • Commercial Storm & Wastewater Lift Stations
  • Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations
  • Booster Stations
  • Pumping Skids
  • Valve Vault Assemblies
  • Meter Vault Assemblies
  • Grind Vault Assemblies
  • Top Slabs/ Hatches
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Assemblies

Flow Ranges

  • Low Flow Lift Stations (5 – 50 gpm)
  • Medium Flow Lift Stations (50 – 400 gpm)
  • High Flow Lift Stations (400 – 1500 gpm)
  • Super high flow Lift Stations (1500 – 10000+ gpm)


  • Simplex Pump Configuration
  • Duplex Pump Configuration
  • Triplex Pump Configuration
  • Self-Priming Pump Configuration
  • Jockey Pump Configuration
  • Submersible Pump Configuration
  • Inline Turbine Pump Configuration
  • Split-Case Lift Station
  • Wet-Dry Configuration
  • Grinder Pump Configuration
  • Chopper Pump Configuration
  • Solids Handling Pump Configuration
  • Centrifugal Pump Configuration

TBS can help you with your business or home clogged pipes, clogged drains, clogged toilets, clogged up sanitary sewers and mains.

  • Plumbing drain Services
  • Hydro-jet Pipe Cleaning
  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Clogged Pipes
  • Clogged Drains

TBS has been cleaning pipes with jetting systems for years. A jet system is the only pipe cleaning process that actually washes the inside of the pipes of buildup. Be it grease, scum residue, paper clogs, etc.Continual cable machines only break the clogs, leaving buildup and residue.

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