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 Often taken for granted and forgotten about are the storm water and septic systems you don't think about until they go down causing major headaches. As you can see in the diagram above a lift station has many components that must work and communicate in tandem to ensure that waste water is collected and on its way off of your property. If your house or commercial property needs a sewage / wastewater lift station, it's very important to look after it in order to keep it operating effectively.  Lift stations contain pumps, valves, and electrical equipment necessary to move liquids (usually water, wastewater, or sewage) from low to high elevation. This equipment works continuously each and every day and must be maintained to insure your system runs efficiently. If not inspected at least annually if not quarterly on larger systems,  there are many undetected issues that may arise putting strain and unneeded wear on your pumps and electrical systems and will shorten their service life or causing damage that could result in immediate failure. 

 A properly maintained lift station will save you thousands in costly repairs or replacements by ensuring your equipment gets a long life expectancy. As your commercial septic & waste water equipment repair and maintenance company TBS can offer you a variety of Lift Station Service Plans. If you have a multi residential or commercial lift station pumping system, a service contract gives you the peace of mind that your equipment is being properly maintained while saving you money. 


  TBS can aid in the design and supply repair and retrofit solutions for existing wastewater, storm-water, and clean water pump station systems. Every repair or retrofit solution is unique and will depend on the needs of each system. TBS works with their clients and to establish clearly defined needs and requirements of the retrofit system. In the Houston and the surrounding areas  Lift Station Service Rehabilitation is often needed  in many cases on lift stations that are older than 15 years or older. This is a much more cost effective way to ensure the use of you system continues to be trouble and worry free vs. an entire system exchange. As with everything there is not only maintenance requirements to ensure smooth operations but also a life expectancy of every system component you need to anticipate. Don't get caught off guard in the middle of a storm! If you have an older system it may be time to give it new life & new look! Call us today to view your older system and offer you options on your lift station rehab. We can change out or repair the parts that need it, clean up and revamp the parts that can still be of good use and clear out clogging debris, sludge and silt. Keep your property and equipment in smooth operation for more years of hard work!



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